Quality service

Only the products purchased through JAHVERY authorized dealers can enjoy quality services.

Most of JAHVERY products can enjoy 2 years of common quality service.The following are restrictions.

If the quality service certificate or online table on www.jahvery.com has been completed and sent then:

Outer cover products can enjoy 2-year warranty period.

Defects in materials and work can enjoy 2-year warranty period.

Note all of the JAHVERY products are processed individually, so it is inevitable situation if there is subtle difference among them.

Quality services do not apply to:

※ If using, cleaning and maintaining didn’t follow the instructions of JAHVERY;Or if the product is damaged by improper maintenance or use.

※ If the product is bent or extruded at low temperature or for longer period of time, leading to the material is torn or permanently deformed.

※ If JAHVERY products have been wet or soaked.JAHVERY materials absorb water and are not easy to dry, thus reducing the product’s function permanently.

※ If the products are very dirty or in poor sanitary condition.

※ If JAHVERY products are modified or repaired without JAHVERY approval.

※ If the product is covered with electric blankets that have been used for more than 10 years.