Cleaning and maintenance

Do not clean or dry clean JAHVERY materials.Please remove the outer cover while cleaning the JAHVERY product, keeping ventilation condition when using JAHVERY materials or wiping carefully with a wring out cloth, so as to remove all stains or dust on the surface.

JAHVERY is made of environmentally friendly sterilizing materials that can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. However, JAHVERY products should be regularly ventilated and dehumidified;JAHVERY pillow should be placed on the bed seat with good ventilation condition all the time, so as to prevent water accumulation.

The outer cover of JAHVERY can be washed according to the washing instructions on care label, which is usually located inside the pillow cover.During washing, the inside of cover must be turned over and zippered.

Note: do not clean or dry clean special outer cover containing JAHVERY materials, but you can easily remove them and ventilation or brush.