What’s the operating principle of JAHVERY?

JAHVERY is a viscoelastic material with open pore structure, it is very sensitive to temperature and can fully fit your body shape.The operating principle of it is: stretching your body, dispersing the pressure evenly throughout the whole use area, thereby eliminating the pressure points that resulting discomfort in body.

After unpacking it, the product would gives off some unique smells, which is completely harmless and will disappear after a period of time. In order to prevent this condition, please in a ventilated condition before use.

The outer cover of product may be removed from its original position during transportation, when the JAHVERY material is returned to normal room temperature, you just need to pull the outer cover to desired symmetrical position by hand .

In the first few months of use, the substrate pores would become larger, so as to make the JAHVERY material be more quick in response to body temperature.As a result, you will feel the material become softer.In fact, the stress relief character has not changed, but comfortableness has improved.

Because the unique pressure properties of JAHVERY materials, some users can adapt to JAHVERY products in a short time.Keep using for a few weeks you can experience the super comfortable experience, excellent support performance and the advantages of easing pressure of this product.